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What time should I leave to go to the Harry Potter 7 Part 2 midnight showing?

Okay, so I live in a pretty small town outside of Pittsburgh. I’ve already ordered my tickets for the 12:06 showing. I just don’t know what time to get there, becuase I here some people get there around 8pm, while others wait until 10:30pm. What should I do?

What is a detective show based on real crimes and stories?

I saw this show a long time ago at my friends house and it was a detective show that are based on real crimes and how they solved it and everything. I cant remember what its called or anything about it. Please Help!

What are the chance there was a serial killer outside the house?

Well I was spending the night at my friends house and she was telling us a story about her hearing screaming in her woods. It already started creeping me out. Then we hear what sounds like car doors shutting four times. Then there is clawing at the top of the window. Then it sound like…

What was the song wheelie sang in the transformers dark of the moon?

It was quite in the beginning and he hum that song. I heard like two words , big family .

How to make a good impression when meeting americans?

Im going to stay in boston for 3 weeks in july, im going on my own im from england and Im staying with family. Most of my time there i am going to meet LOADS of family friends, I really want to make a god impression, any tips on how I can do that?

What is your reaction when you see that a contact answered a question?

Do you think about the question that a contact answered? If so, what are your thoughts? BQ: Do you answer questions they answer because the question caught your eye, or because you want to see what your contact wrote in response?

What is a good way to give soft contact lenses a thurough cleaning?

I hate my contacts because they build up protein quickly. How can I get rid of that build up of nastiness.

How to solve throat problems while singing?

I sing in a band that involves a lot of screaming. The sort of outward vocals i do take quite a toll on my throat. How do I go about screaming or singing without these problems occurring as frequently?

What is the opening song in the 2008 movie Nothing Like the Holidays?

Family members are picking up their relative from the airport. They are driving to their home and there is a song playing in the car as the opening movie credits are rolling. I am thinking it is Ricky Martin singing? I looked on the official movie soundtrack and it is not listed. Thanks!

What are some songs with good lyrics about life?

I like songs with good lyrics and a strong meaning behind them, i am looking right now for songs that talk about finding god or how life is hard but to keep going on. i like songs by The Fray and i have all of theirs. but please no love songs. thanks.