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What is the name of the hyena type animals in Madagascar 2?

They came out of the jungle and scared the other animals. I think they had black fur.

What is your favorite fruit or vegetable and what passion do it gives you and why?

Because when I pant something, I have a tomato next to me and I don’t know why? However, I do love tomato in different sizes and colors and I’m not asking for help but I’m just wounding how come I love strange things like that fruit thing called tomato? And what is yours, thanks.

What are important numbers to save to a cell phone?

I have the basics, Hospitals, Animal Control, Non-Emergency police, etc. What are others that one could possible forget to add to a cell contacts that might be important?

How can I write a song with no musical abilities?

I have the chorus to an original song stuck in my head. I have a good idea of the melody and some lyrics. However, I don’t play the guitar, and don’t know anything about chords. What should I do?

What kind of animal is chowder from the tv show on cartoon network supposed to be?

If you watch chowder on cartoon network, you’ll know what i’m talking about.I wanna know what kind of animal chowder is supposed to be.

What are the names or lyrics or melodies of international lullabies similar to al la nanita nana?

Sweet, soothing songs that are preferably in Spanish, Italian, French, Yiddish or Hebrew, but any songs will do!

What are some bands with a style similar to brokencyde and breathe carolina?

I am looking for a few more like these guys, and please none of that crap like dot dot curve and jeffrey star, thanks!

I wanna start some animation shorts. Any idea what good animation software i can use for starters?

I’m an amateur at this whole thing and learned lots of it myself, but i’ll need a lot of help before i can reach a final product. I need some nice easy computer software for some 2D shorts. Can you help me choose the best one for beginners at a not-so-high price?

How to move your songs into new itunes account?

I want to create my own itunes account. Right now I am under my moms. I want to put my current songs into my new itunes account. I dont want to transfer my current library to a new computer; I want to put my songs into a new account. How do I do that?