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How can I find which of my local radio stations has the most listeners?

I’m putting an ad on the radio and want to know which station is the most popular. Where can I find this info?I’m a web designer. My clients are companies so any of the stations in my area will be appropriate.

What tv series had a band that saw ghosts and solved their problems?

It was kind of like ghost whisperer, but the guys in the series i think were part of a music band.It was not cartoons. It was an actual TV series following more or less the pattern we see in Ghost Whisperer.

Where should I start if I want to find good classical music?

I’ve always loved when my music teachers played classical music in class, but I’ve come to realize that this is only because they knew which performances and composers were good. I like classical music but I really don’t know about different periods or performers and I’d like to. I like the more dramatic stuff, something…

What is the largest/most expensive present you have ever bought your parents?

I will explain the reason for this question afterwards – but it involves my mother.

How do you start a band and become successful?

I want to start a band and I know a few people that might be interested in doing so but not sure how to ask. Help anyone?

What happens if I leave a car in free public parking lot overnight?

I’m gonna go take Amtrack to NYC, but paid parking lots near the station are too expensive for multiple days of parking.I see that there’s a Burger King right next to the station, and it has a bunch of free parking spots.What if I park my car there and leave it for a week or…

What are the main differences you notice between your sign and the two others signs that share your element?

What are the main similarities you notice?What’s your Sun, Ascendant and dominant element?

Is your Jealousy a tangent proportionally present to the degree your Infatuation encompasses you?

How can I possibly extract myself from what she’s doing to me?Circumstances true yet unbelievable to the point of near-complete distraction.

What do those big numbers on the big signs at the gas stations really mean to you?

Why do the price fluctuations keep spiking (and gouging our wallets), to fuel our automobiles at a time when we have already become so dependent on them to get to our jobs and schools and grocery stores?How do the truckers survive this present-day reality?

What type of strings do I buy for a concert tenor ukulele?

I just got a new cheap ukulele. The strings it came with aren’t the best, so I want to know whats the best strings for a concert tenor ukulele?