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What does it mean when a planet transit conjoins your south node?

For instance, Mercury will soon be entering Leo which is conjunct my South Node. Anyone, please. What does this mean?

What was the movie about people getting sucked into a hill or quicksand?

I want to know what this movie was. It was about these people who would get sucked into a hill or quicksand. It is not Tremors. But i want to know the title!

How can I watch the Hulkamania tour online or on tv?

They have alot of good wrestlers and i want 2 see the action. Can somebody please help?

What does it mean if an interviewer is nice to you and suddenly turns nasty to you during the interview?

She was being all nice to me before the interview and then during the interview she became nasty to me. Then AFTER the interview, she was nice again.

What is a good title for a book that deals with prison inmates when a zombie apocalypse breaks out?

I have the core written out and I have two working titles. I won’t say them because I don’t want to sway anyone. But nothing is really jumping out at me. Suggestions?

What do you listen to when you hear techno or electronic music?

Many times I’ve noticed different friends notice different parts of music. Some people notice the guitar or drums, others always listen to the words, etc. I’ve noticed I pay attention to the manner in which the sounds are manipulated when listening to electro or techno, but my friend swears she only pays attention to bass…

Whats the difference between piano and a keyboard?

Please give most specific detail and all your knowledge in this question.How about the keys? keyboard has less keys than a normal piano?

During which chapter does the Soul Eater manga start to differ from the anime?

So, I just finished the Soul Eater anime and it was complete and utter awesomeness. But since apparently halfway through the anime the plot starts to branch away from the manga, does anyone know which chapter the plot starts to change? I don’t want to go through and re-read what I’ve already watched, lol. An…

What is the worst insult anyone has given you for your looks?

Last year, while he thought I wasn’t listening, this kid said that the day he would date me would be the day he would kill himself.What’s the worst insult you’ve gotten?

How do you tell the different octaves on sheet music for the piano?

Like the different C’s for example, how do you tell which C to press on the piano?Thanks for the help!