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What do those big numbers on the big signs at the gas stations really mean to you?

Why do the price fluctuations keep spiking (and gouging our wallets), to fuel our automobiles at a time when we have already become so dependent on them to get to our jobs and schools and grocery stores?How do the truckers survive this present-day reality?

What type of strings do I buy for a concert tenor ukulele?

I just got a new cheap ukulele. The strings it came with aren’t the best, so I want to know whats the best strings for a concert tenor ukulele?

What are advantages and disadvantages of having an ID chip implant?

I think the advantage would be keeping a person out of places they don’t belong. Like if a crime was going to be committed, the criminal would be immediately identified.The disadvantage would be – you couldn’t be alone away from uncle Sam no matter where you go.

What is the single most popular song that has been written into the most diverse number of languages?

What do you think (or guess) is the candidate for a song in which it is known in virtually all cultures. A song which’s been translated/rewritten into most languages (while lyrics are unchanged) —A song in which its melody which is instantly recognized by most of the world populations when heard. Can you suggest a…

What interesting information can I put in a baby’s birth chart interpretation ?

I’m interpreting a baby’s birth chart and I want to know what interesting information I can put in the interpretation for the parents.

What is the easiest way to get in to radio?

I currently live in Nashville, Tennessee and I am looking for a job in radio. It doesn’t have to be on-air, I just want to work at a station. My overall goal is to be an audio engineer and songwriter, but to break into the industry, I would like to start in radio. I love…

What is the best way to seek revenge on someone without legal prosecution?

and dont say dont get caught. i want the sickest and most corrupt ideas that can seriously hurt someone!

What is the best romance movie of all time?

What is it, in your opinion? Mine is personally The Notebook, but i think because i read it after i saw it that i just thought it was well done.

What time should I leave to go to the Harry Potter 7 Part 2 midnight showing?

Okay, so I live in a pretty small town outside of Pittsburgh. I’ve already ordered my tickets for the 12:06 showing. I just don’t know what time to get there, becuase I here some people get there around 8pm, while others wait until 10:30pm. What should I do?

What is a detective show based on real crimes and stories?

I saw this show a long time ago at my friends house and it was a detective show that are based on real crimes and how they solved it and everything. I cant remember what its called or anything about it. Please Help!