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Do clarinet mouthpieces ever start to break down or become too old?

To be more specific, do clarinet mouthpieces have a certain lifespan? If so, about how long do mouthpieces last? Will they only become unusable with improper cleaning and maintenance? Sorry to ask many questions in one, but thank you if you can answer them.

What’s the name of the simpsons episode where Maggie became addicted to listening to a children song?

It drove the other simpsons, except Marge, crazy. The singer then came to Springfield and there was a sort of Woodstock festival, where babies were using pacifiers like drugs. I searched Wikipedia but this show has a lot of episodes. I hoped that someone would tell me!

What can be done to protect ourselves from malicious reporting?

Would petitioning Yahoo with concrete suggestions help? What is the best way to get the word to Yahoo? In what way can we spread the word about this problem that many of us see as very serious?

How to do funny prank calls without speaking into the phone?

For example, playing a recording or sounds. But I want it to be funny not threatening or anything that would get me in trouble.

What are some easy songs to learn on the guitar?

I know a couple songs but i want to learn more. My girl like country and i want to learn some songs to play for her and I also like classic rock. So just a variety for ya. I know these chords: G, D, Cadd9, Em, Am, A, maybe a few more but these are…

What’s the scientific evidence that fruits and vegetables are good for you?

There is NO scientific evidence backing up that eating fruits and vegetables will give you any substantial health improvements. Nor is there any evidence that fruits and vegetables are better than your average McDonald’s meal or processed food. Man has used food processing for throughout mans history.

What is the song from the 2011 Gettysburg commercial from the history channel?

while watching t.v. i saw the commercial for the new Gettysburg movie on history channel. What is the song that they played?

How much does it cost to be on American Idol?

I’m planning on auditioning on the 27th. Do the wrist bands cost, and if so, how much?

Who is your most favourite and least favourite Harry Potter character and why?

Personally i love Severus Snape, there is so much more to him than meets the eye and a lot of the plot of the Harry Potter books revolves around Snape and his hidden characteristics. He is also a brilliant potions master.However, i cant stand Hermione Granger. She is just annoying, moody and i don’t know…

What is a good comedy movie to watch instantly on netflix?

All the good movies on netflix need to be by the dvd, i was wondering if there are any good movies that anyone knows about that can be watched instantly?